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ProReal Support

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Quick Start Guide for Facilitators

  1. Introduce ProReal to your client
    Here are a few tips or “opening lines”:
    • “I am piloting this new technology, and wondered if you would be interested in giving it a try?”
    • “It uses avatars in a virtual world, but it is not a game.”/li>
    • “The visuals will help you describe and share a new range thoughts and feelings.”
    • “It can be really helpful for us – we’re going to be working together for the next few months, and it will help me understand you better.”
    • “It might bring up difficult emotions for you, and if that happens and you want to stop, just say so”
    • “It’s safe and secure – you decide what happens with the VR World you create. It won’t be shared with anyone else without your permission.”
    • “You can delete or edit anything you add into the VR World. You’re in charge.”
    • “If you don’t like it, that’s fine too.”
    • “It is not the only way we will be working together – it is just one of the ways open to us.”
    • As a way to break the ice…. “I’m a bit new to this, so be gentle with me” or “I’m no good with technology, perhaps you’ve done some gaming and can show me how it works?”

    You can point your client to visit Support tab on ProReal web page and explore Quick Start Guide for Clients before your session.

    If your client agrees to give a try let them know what happens next:

    • They will receive registration email from ProReal Support asking them to register and start ProReal.
    • Agree the way of communication – you can use telephone or one of the secure communication platforms (zoom, Teams etc). Having a backup is helpful if you lose the connection.
  2. Set up your client in the User Management System (if your client agrees to give it a try)
    • Sign into the UMS using your credentials to sign in.
    • Open Clients tab (1) and click Add New button (2)
    • Set up your Client and permissions
    • Click "“Submit” button. The registration email will be sent to your client automatically."
  3. Set up the Online World for your remote session (UMS)
    • Open the Worlds tab (3) and click Add New button (4)
    • Give the world a Name. The Client will be able to change this name at any time.
    • Select your name from the Facilitator list and your clients name from the Client list.
    • Select between Storytelling and Empty world landscape.
  4. When you’re both connected for the session follow these steps
    • Contracting
      • Data security;
      • Client rights to delete data;
      • Encourage client agency for driving the software
    • Tips:
      • Discuss and agree a direction or focus / enquiry for the session. Ask client to change the name of the world to reflect the direction. This step should be completed before you both enter the world.
      • Consider the use of webcam. It might be distraction from the world to your Client.
    • Locating (in the world) Ask the client to find the space in the landscape, which feels appropriate to begin. You can confirm this with questions if appropriate. Tips:
      • Notice that you both can navigate the software. You can help your client when they stuck. Micro-contract this. Avoid disturbing your clients process by moving the camera. You can take independent perspectives as Facilitator by unlinking the view.
    • Telling the story With the use of avatars, the landscape and symbols, the client tells (shows) their story or describes the narrative. Tips:
      • Encourage your client to give a name to all the avatars and symbols.
      • Encourage your client to position everything so it makes sense.
      • Do not rush this process, slow down. Silence is OK when client is immersed in the story.
    • Encourage shifting perspectives Most of the insight comes through changing perspectives. Suggest hovering the cursor over the avatar head to enable the eye icon. Click on it to step into avatar shoes. Tips:
      • Suggest using the Views panel on the right side to change perspectives. It might be easier for some.
    • Explore something new in the world Invite your client to experiment something new in the scene which will work for them. It might be changing the posture, position or colour. Tips:
      • Suggest making the changes couple of times from different perspectives, so Client can experience it in a different way.
    • Integrate and review Once you finished in the world review this experience and learnings with the Client. Ask your client if they want to keep this world or delete it.

Live training webinars Book to our weekly webinars to help you get started with ProReal and build your confidence. Click here to book for your live training webinar.

Frequently asked questions

Go to “download application” page and follow the instructions there. If you do not have permissions to install the software please ask your administrator for help before contacting ProReal Support. Please try to start ProReal for Web – it does not require installation and you can have quick access to ProReal software.

Please ask your client to check the junk mail folder for it. It might be redirected there due to local settings. You can copy the registration email from the UMS and send it by email to your client.

Yes, ProReal can be launched on iPad through the web browser as well as on tablet.

We are working on it. It’s not optimized yet to be used easily on smartphones

For ProReal itself we recommend min 1MB/s of broadband Internet network. Upload and download speeds can be checked by searching for “Internet speed test”

ProReal is not using a lot of networking, however together with communication software like Zoom, Teams or other it may require a lot of your computer performance. Consider closing another applications which are using internet in the background or turn off webcam. Make sure your internet signal/connection is strong if you connected through WiFi.

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