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Motorola’s HR team use ProReal to support individuals and groups in problem solving, planning and improving communication capabilities.

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Motorola Solutions is a global leader in mission-critical communications products, services and solutions, working across many industry sectors.


Motorola’s offices in Cracow, Poland employs 1700+ specialists, including many young and talented people; their roles include leading complex projects and dispersed, international teams.


Motorola’s Poland HR leadership used ProReal to improve their internal communications. The ProReal Academy trained their team of HR professionals and managers in the use of the ProReal software, and following certification, the team have facilitated 1:1 and group meetings and workshops, working both face to face and online.


Motorola have used ProReal to assist with problem solving, improving communications practices and business and project planning across their departments.


Adding ProReal to their business has allowed Motorola to find new insights quickly, provided an innovative way to engage teams and created a shared reference points to help explore current and ongoing issues.

  • Problem solving
  • Improved communications practices
  • Business and project planning


Benefits to Motorola include finding new insights quickly, providing an innovative way to engage  teams and creating a shared viewpoint/reference point to help explore current / future issues.


ProReal made great impression on me when I first saw it and that’s why we engaged in a process of training and certification. I’m convinced that it was a good decision and ProReal will be a great support in the individual and team processes we are leading. The tool itself is amazing and ProReal team is extremely professional, knowledgeable and supportive.

Katarzyna Reinfuss Regional HR Director.