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Business Logic Systems

Use of the ProReal software in an organisational development setting to facilitate the accelerated integration of a new matrix organisation structure across the business.

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As head of a growing UK/Romania-based global company, Business Logic Systems’ CEO recognised the need to change the organisation’s structure to become more customer focussed – a matrix structure would enable a higher quality of customer focus and allow the business to mature. However, traditional implementation of such a change initiative was proving to be slow, difficult and therefore costly. They approached us with the intent of using the ProReal software to facilitate accelerated integration of their proposed change.


We knew that one of the major inhibitors to the change process would be low employee engagement mainly caused by lack of understanding and anxiety about the new structure and associated re-distribution of power.


An introductory briefing video explaining the ProReal software followed by one-to-one coaching sessions in the virtual world for the twelve managers involved allowed them to quickly visualise the new structure, their roles within it and to see how the change would affect them and others.


Outside of the coached sessions we found that people were sharing their ProReal scenarios about the business and its priorities with colleagues leading to higher levels of empathy, insight and trust. Line-managers reported greater clarity about the change and an improved ability to operate in the new structure, while senior leaders observed new collaborative behaviours.


Not only was accelerated implementation achieved but the new transparency and better understanding between the technical and customer teams lead to a reduction in stress levels and a positive energy at the heart of the organisation.


Since we initiated the ProReal training I have seen a significantly more positive approach to problem solving and decision making with a ‘let’s solve this together’ attitude, where individuals are rising to the occasion and taking ownership.

Director, Business Logic Systems

It helped me represent the relationships we have in the company, and how they can be improved.

I developed a clearer, more structured view of the matrix organisation, better highlighting its features.