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ProReal for Business

Doing business in today’s complex world makes new demands on leaders and employees. An organisation’s performance is strongly influenced by its ability to make the most of a diverse workforce and bring about rapid change. ProReal’s innovative technology improves both communication and engagement.

Businesses currently using ProReal for coaching, problem-solving and planning tell us the software gives them new insights and perspectives. Being able to visualise problems and see new possibilities leads to accelerated change and better outcomes.

Furthermore, remote and online use of ProReal saves businesses money. Accelerated insights mean less time needed with clients, and online collaboration results in reduced travel costs.

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Improving employee engagement is just one of the ways ProReal can be used in a corporate context. We have a library of short films which demonstrate how businesses can use ProReal across several sectors:
Increasing Win Rates on Complex Deals
Remote Coaching
Maternity Returners

Case Studies


Problem Solving, Planning and Improving Communication Capabilities

Motorola’s Poland HR leadership concluded that ProReal would be helpful in their own internal communications, especially when supported by HR professionals and managers. The ProReal Academy trained their team, and following Certification, they facilitated a number of 1:1 and group meetings/workshops, working both face to face and online to help with:


Digital coaching for senior consultants working in IBM Europe.

Recognising that they needed to increase coaching access to a broader range of staff whilst ensuring its coaching spend went further, IBM came to us looking for a new e-coaching solution.


Supporting Better Dialogues in a Period of Change

The Energy Management (Poland) branch of global energy company Siemens needed to create more internal synergy in order to better support new sales and large contracts. To achieve this an organisational change was proposed by Siemens headquarters. For the branch HR Business partner, the major challenge for this change was the need to engage with the entire team. ProReal partner Pathways Consulting were invited to improve the change experience and its outcomes, and ProReal were commissioned to create a software-enabled intervention.

VolkerWessels UK

Dispersed team go online with ProReal to increase engagement after a period of disruptive change.

The organisation had changed, people’s roles and work had been disrupted and things didn’t feel right. Sound familiar? And when the director of this leading civil engineering company looked at all the options to bring the departments together, possibly at a hotel-based conference, the costs were significant. And that’s when he thought about a digital solution - ProReal.