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Avatars in a Changing Workplace

27 Oct 2017

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Avatar technologies and ProReal have been in the news recently, so we thought we'd share a couple of links with you.

Back in September, Becca Candy in TechRadar writes about the blurring of the lines between a virtual avatar and our 'real self', and how immersive and virtual reality technologies have entered the mainstream. As Becca says, "virtual embodiment has huge implications for exploring our mental and emotional presence" citing ProReal and other research where avatars care used to "increase confidence or change our perception of ourselves".

And in a recent article "The Changing Workplace", Parvin Begum writes in 'The Psychologist' about the way modern organisations learn. "With avatar-based tools, learners are able to create visual representations of themselves that engage the learner with the ability to explore and manipulate objects, structures and metaphorical representations of ideasThese technologies have the potential to offer a superior learning experience through increased ‘representational fidelity’ realism of the environment, ‘immediacy of control’ by the user, and a sense of ‘presence’, thus leading to higher levels of active learner participation".

At ProReal, we're proud to be working with pioneering customers who use these technologies to accelerate learning and improve business outcomes.


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