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Features and Benefits



Avatars represent people, inner parts/roles as well as organisations:

  • Unlimited number of avatars with a choice of colour, size, emoji and realistic animated postures.
  • Speech caption and ‘inner voice’ functions.
  • Fully mobile with walk, run and jump action. Drag and drop for ease of setting up scenes.
Group of coloured avatars

Landscape and Symbols to help describe a situation:

  • A range of symbols to help tell a story e.g. minefield, treasure chest (with key), fast ticking clock, mirror, wall, bomb etc
  • Symbols can be easily positioned, named and sized.
  • A storytelling landscape includes paths, cross roads, gates, woods, hills etc helping describe a situation through the power of metaphor.
Avatar with key and treasure-check near to a gate

Camera views to help access insight:

  • View from the perspective of each avatar in 1st or 3rd person.
  • Easy single click perspective change between avatars.
  • View from any position – Roaming camera.
  • Independent cameras when multi users in the same World.
  • Situation seen from Susan perspective

    Situation seen from Dad perspective

    Susan and Dad seen from above


  • Comprehensive user management system for multi-client use
  • Multiple sessions are all saved automatically for later review and reflection
  • Complete online security including registration, permissions, sessions, and password-reset