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I miss my colourful colleagues from ProReal


Our team

We’re a group of like-minded individuals with a common goal: to provide your users with a high-quality immersive experience. Our culture is one of trust, learning and collaboration. We’re driven by user feedback and are always looking for new, innovative ways to improve our product. Meet our team.

The power of ProReal

High degree of immersion with 3D animated environment

Create powerful scenes of users' thoughts and emotions

Easy perspective shifting with sophisticated camera options

Range of uses: 1:1; teams; 1:many (hundreds of users); self-help

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Our story

The software was designed by David Tinker as a learning tool. He took the design principles from his experience in storytelling, puppetry, psychodrama and coaching.

Since then, it’s been used by NHS clinicians to support mental health treatment and by learning and development professionals in corporate personal development.

Benefits for users

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