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Technology to help people think and feel differently

Discover how ProReal technology is empowering Rethinkly to help ambitious teams visualise the problem and find solutions.

Create powerful online interactions!

  • 3D avatar-based technology
  • Sophisticated camera options enable insight
  • Evidence based approach
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Platform integration

  • Easy technical integration
  • Range of uses - Install or browser distribution with privacy and data security
  • A wide range of off-the-shelf learning experiences ready to use
  • Support for bespoke learning experience creation


I’m finding it much quicker to build empathy and trust with my clients. One of my Service Users says he now looks forward to our meetings now I have got ProReal!

Responsible Officer, Community Rehabilitation Company

I think it has helped him to put it more into his mind. He was able to tell me stuff before but I don’t think he connected with it but by bringing it into ProReal it has he’s made a connection that that was part of him and that was his life so he’s understood more about the barriers that were there for him at the time.

CBT Therapist, NHS Trust

I would say that the power of the virtual environment and creating a patient’s world, and the ownership they have over it, helps to create insights. And we’ve found that, as clinicians, on the training how powerfully you connect with the material, it just brings it to life.

Principal Clinical Psychologist, NHS Trust

As a counsellor I found this a really useful tool to be able to look how the client had moved forwards. I think ProReal works really well with young people and they really enjoy it.

Counsellor, School Counselling Organisation

The thing that makes ProReal stand out from things like Healios and computer-based CBT is that it really allows a young person to work creatively with their psychological experience. I haven't seen any other piece of software that's been able to offer young people as much freedom as ProReal.

Lead Clinical Psychologist, Youth Counselling Charity